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IN-PERSON TRAINING PROGRAMME ONElectric Bus Procurement, Planning and Financing

With more and more metropolitan areas targeting zero-emission environments, an increasing number of cities, transport authorities and operators are considering a fully-electric solution for their urban bus network. In this context, the UITP Academy designed this in-person training programme on Procurement, Planning & Funding of Electric Buses offering a comprehensive overview on how to procure, plan and fund electric buses: from the setting of a long term city strategy in terms of energy transition to the definition of a charging strategy and the choice of technology and all the way to the procurement and the implementation and operation of the system. This training will give an insight of urban bus networks, importance of building sustainable infrastructure, & planning efficient timetable and scheduling on your routes.

Here's what you will learn

· Introduce the electric bus solution, the different types of technologies and compare their benefits and drawbacks

· Understand how to get value from electric buses looking at their economic, environmental and societal feasibility

· Understand how to develop an operational and charging strategy

· Learn from experience on how to plan, implement and run electric bus lines successfully

· Understand the implications for operations and infrastructure

· Learn from successful major electric bus project implementations including electric bus system procurement

A top level methodology

· Get inspired by our trainers, understand the main aspects of electric buses and learn from successful international best practice

· Participate in interactive plenary sessions which includes an introduction and presentation from the course leaders and the trainer, followed by an open discussion with participants

· Challenge your practical knowledge on the technology, the implementation and the running of electric buses

· Address the topic from an international perspective, enriched by different cultural approaches and points of views

· Project managers, engineers and other professionals eager to learn more about the technology, the implementation and the running of electric buses

· Staff from public transport operators or authorities planning to pilot or extend a fully-electric solution to the core part of the urban bus network

· Staff from Ministries of Transport, Infrastructure and environment interested in supporting a transition to electric buses in their country

· Professionals interested in obtaining a wider and international perspective on electric buses and eager to learn more from international best practice

Having a good level of English is a compulsory requirement to attend the course.

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