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Demonstration City: Hamburg


The Hamburg demonstration action provided tools and different types of knowledge products for the SOLUTIONSplus online toolbox, addressing the knowledge gaps identified in the course of the project. Moreover, a site visit to an e-bus depot in Hamburg was arranged in the context of the 2022 SOLUTIONSplus General Assembly. 

Examples of open-access knowledge products created and published include presentations on public transport and MaaS in Hamburg, the e-scooter project, and the integration of shared e-mobility into the transport system.


Capacity-building activities comprised a comprehensive online workshop on the 5th & 6th of May 2022 to exchange experiences on shared e-mobility. The course was jointly organised by SOLUTIONSplus and MOBI-MIX. The event gathered European frontrunners in the field of shared micro-mobility, including 13 cities and local authorities and several public transport and micro-mobility operators. 

Regarding the electrification of Hamburg’s taxi fleet, T-Systems and Polis organized the City Dialogue to promote and replicate the activities in other German cities, including Bremen, Hannover and Leipzig. 


Following a tender process, HOCHBAHN subcontracted TIER mobility as solution provider in the two demonstration areas (Lokstedt and Langenhorn). This process initiated an extension of operation areas beyond the city centre. 

The Zukunftstaxi project will continue until the end of 2023. The project is accompanied by a bi-weekly meeting with taxi owners and fleet operators. T-Systems will foster the replication in other cities and regions to ensure the long-term sustainability. 


The first e-scooters were launched in June 2021. HOCHBAHN provided dedicated parking zones at Metro stations in the demonstration areas. In the meantime, more than 300 e-scooters are located in the demonstration area, which exceeds the initially planned number of 200 vehicles, and TIER mobility explained to uphold their service in the demonstration areas beyond the project’s lifetime. Moreover, other e-scooter providers followed and extended their service areas to the demonstration sites. 

T-Systems initiated and coordinated the electrification of the taxi fleet together with the city of Hamburg. The demonstration project shows the potential to reuse the existing telecommunication infrastructure and the electricity distribution network of a telecom operator for the electrification of car fleets. ComfortCharge installed the charging infrastructure at the premises of Deutsche Telekom. T-Systems brought together all stakeholders, including car manufactures, taxi operators, taxi fleet management software companies, advertising companies and the German taxi association.

Preliminary Results




After fifteen months of operations (June 2021 to end August 2022), ca. 160,000 journeys in the demonstration areas were recorded. Vehicle data and a user survey revealed seasonal ups and downs, with February being the month with fewest trips, and August being the month with the highest number of trips. Highest demand was during the morning and late afternoon, which indicates that e-scooters have been used mostly for commuting rather than for leisure actives. Start and end points of trips were concentrated in parking zones around metro stations. The user survey confirmed that the e-scooters have been used as part of intermodal travel chains, as first and last mile connection to public transport stations. 


The e-taxi charging activities in Hamburg are accompanied by the integration of a Low Carbon Mobility Monitoring (LCMM) tool to measure the fuel or electricity consumption and emissions of taxis. During the first 18 months of the Zukunftstaxi project it was shown that savings of 10-15 % fuel consumption or electricity is possible with eco-driving. 


According to Karen van der Linde and Dominik Radzuweit from the Hamburger Hochbahn AG “the demo project will help to test under which conditions last mile mobility solutions like e-scooters can work out in the outskirt and thereby also enable the city to gain more experiences with this kind of vehicle and drive technology.” In this way, it will be possible to increase the number of residents who have access to these mobility services, achieve the best possible mobility mix in the city, and help Hamburg achieve its climate protection goals.


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Factsheet Hamburg

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Presentation Demo Hamburg


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User Needs Assessment

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