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SOLUTIONSplus Publications

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City Roadmap for e-mobility: Uptake of EV in urban areas of Uruguay

Year: 2023

Authors:  Federico Calvello, Maria Rosa Munoz, Juan Pedro Carriquiry

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SOLUTIONSplus Start-ups: Summary and Business Concepts

Year: 2024

Authors:  SOL+ Partners

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Scale-up concept note: Scaling sustainable and electric urban mobility in Dar es Salaam

Year: 2024

Authors:  UN-Habitat, UNEP, ITDP Africa, DART, DLR

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East Africa´s Policy and Stakeholder Integration of Informal Operators in Electric Mobility Transitions in Kigali, Nairobi, Kusumu and Dar es Salaam

Year: 2022

Authors:  Galuszka, J., Martin, E., Nkurunziza, A., Achieng´ Oginga, J., Teko, E., Lah, O.

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Motorcycle taxis in transition? Review of digitalization and electrification trends in selected East African capital cities

Year: 2023

Authors:  Martin, E., Courtright, T., Nkurunziza, A., Lah, O. 

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Scale-up concept note: Scaling gender inclusive electric motorcycles in Kigali

Year: 2024

Authors:  City of Kigali, UN-Habitat, ITDP Africa, DART, DLR

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Scale-up concept note: Scaling up sector coupling solutions in Kigali to reinfoce the mobility-energy-resources nexus

Year: 2024

Authors:  City of Kigali, UNEP, UN-Habitat, ITDP Africa, DART, DLR

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Final Report: Feasibility assessment to electrify feeder three-wheeled vehicles in Dar es Salaam

Year: 2023

Authors:  Martin, E.; Andrieu, V. ,Senyagwa, J., Hasselwander, Goletz, M., Rweleza, D., Bwatota, N., Kalugendo, F., Mugusi, D., Shauri, J., Birungi, C., Gitau, G., Kost, C.

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Data Collection of ICE three-wheelers in Dar es Salaam

Year: 2023

Authors:  SOL+ Partners

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City Roadmap for E-Mobility: MADRID

Year: 2024

Authors:  Sergio Fernández Balaguer, César Omar Chacón - EMT Madrid

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Policy Advice Paper

Review of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location Methods

Year: 2024

Authors:  Lamuela Orta, Carlos; Wallius, Eetu, VTT Finland

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Integration is Key: 

The role of electric mobility for low-carbon and sustainable cities

Year: 2023

Authors:  Urban Pathways, UEMI, ERTRAC, SOLUTIONSplus

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User Needs Assessments: Hamburg, Madrid, Quito, Montevideo, Pasig, Hanoi, Kathmandu, Kigali, Dar es Salaam

Year: 2023

Authors:  SOL+ partners

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Pre-feasibility assessment for Mobility as a Service implementation in Kathmandu

Year: 2023

Authors:  Anders Ortving, Mads Brodthagen, George Panagakos, Michael Bruhn Barfod

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The Other Side of the (Policy) Coin: Analyzing Exnovation Policies for the Urban Mobility Transition in Eight Cities around the Globe

Year: 2023

Authors:  Graaf, L; Werland, S.; Lah, O.; Mejia, Al, Munoz Barriga, M.R.; Nyuyen, H.T.T.; Teko, E.; Shrestha, S.

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E-Mobility & Mode Diversity

Year: 2023

Authors:  Carlos F Pardo, Alexander Koerner, Annika Berlin

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African Electric Bicycles Start-up Booklet

Year: 2023

Authors: Emilie Martin, Paschal Giki, Vera-Marie Andrieu, Judith Owigar, Annika Berlin

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Year: 2023

Authors: Emilie Martin, Vera-Marie Andrieu, Judith Owigar, Annika Berlin, Moise Bitangaza, Clive Irambona 

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Year: 2023

Authors: Jakub Galuszka

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Policy Advice Paper

Year: 2023

Authors: Emilie Martin, Christopher Kost, Janene Tuniz, Dominique Breuil, Kennedy Wamukuru, Daniel Munene, Moise Bitangaza, Gashaw Aberra, Remy Ruberambuga

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Policy Advice Paper

Year: 2023

Authors: Gerard Barris, Guillem Badia, Santiago Obiols, Bernat Serra, Edwin Bestebreurtje, Floris Jousma, Jyoti Prasad Painuly, Wim Elshout, Vedaste Mazimpaka, Christopher Kost, Emilie Martin, Moise Bitangaza, Judith Oginga Martins, Edmund Teko, Oliver Lah, Judith Anne Adem Owigar, Amos Mwangi, Alexander Koerner, Yeonju Jeong

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