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Cargo Bike was founded in Montevideo, Uruguay, and its objective is to promote cargo bikes as mobility alternative in Uruguay. To tackle the lack of affordable cargo bikes in Montevideo, Cargo Bike aims to develop and produce Long John type cargo bikes for the local market. To this end, it designs its vehicles by repurposing disused bicycles and combining them with standard components available locally. A first prototype has been developed and tested for over a year with excellent results. Cargo Bike has now developed two different models of bikes, produced 5 E-cargo bikes and created a monitoring app.

"CargoBike is a start-up dedicated to the production of e-cargo bikes with a focus on sustainable and efficient transportation, friendly to the environment and easy to use for users. CargoBike’s commitment is the production of these vehicles with business schemes that are affordable for potential users in order to achieve relevant levels of introduction in the market of sustainable vehicles for urban logistics."

Martín Piñeyro, Director


The design of Cargo Bike’s vehicles has been finalised and approved. Next to it, Cargo Bike has identified the European powertrains providers.

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