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Kathmandu: Workshop on Business Model and Financing for Electrification of Public Transportation in Nepal

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On 24 November 2022, SOLUTIONSplus organised a workshop in Kathmandu on “Business Model and Financing for Electrification of Public Transportation in Nepal”. Its aim was to serve as a platform for policymakers, development partners, academicians, as well as electric vehicle (EV) operators, suppliers and enterprises to exchange knowledge and experiences on business models and financing schemes applicable for scaling up e-mobility in Nepal focusing on public transportation. The discussions highlighted the necessity to ensure favorable investment conditions in financing the electrification of public transportation. The gaps and relevant policy changes were also discussed.

Hanoi: National Training on E-mobility in Hanoi City

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The SOLUTIONSplus project and UNDP jointly conducted a “National Training on E-Mobility” in Hanoi city from 29th–30th November 2022 to support the Government of Vietnam in integrating electric mobility into existing transport and city development plan to contribute to the Net Zero emission target, and to implement mitigation measures from the transport sector noted in Vietnam’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC).

The training focused on integrating e-mobility into planning, the electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, which was covered on the first day, as well as electrification of urban transport, which was covered on the second day.

Pasig City E-mobility Training

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On the 5th of December 2022, the e-quadricycle or e-quad was officially launched as part of the pilot demonstration of the SOLUTIONSplus Project in Pasig City. The event was held at the quadrangle of the Pasig City Hall where the e-quad prototype, developed by local manufacturer ToJo Motors, was introduced and showcased to the public.


Combining the nimbleness of smaller vehicles and the carrying capacity of larger vehicles, the e-quad can accommodate four (4) passengers and bear a maximum load of 450 kilograms.

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