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ToJo Motors Corporation (‘ToJo Motors’) is a 100% Filipino-owned company that develops modern technologies, operates after-sales facilities and service centres, and sells key components for green transportation. ToJo Motors specialises in the production of electric vehicles (three and four-wheelers) that can be used to cover the needs of hotel and resorts, cities municipalities and barangays, real estate developments, or of schools and campuses.

“The continued use of conventional has been worsening air pollution in localities in the country. TMC’s vision to create locally produced eMobility alternatives in these applications to better manage air quality and add value to the economy. Traditionally, we have mostly focus on public and tourist transport. With a highly innovative and well planned vehicle concepts and system and strong multi-stakeholder partnership, we are now ready to expand the initiative to local government services, logistics and enterprise operations. We hope to change minds and prove that eMobility is the future.”

Ralph Legaspi, Chief Executive Officer and President


ToJo Motors Corporation (‘ToJo Motors’) is a 100% Filipino-owned company, established and  registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 8 January 2013, and accredited by  the Department of Trade-Board of Investments as a Domestic Producer of Electric Vehicles on  16 January 2014. ToJo Motors is also an accredited Manufacturer, Assembler, Importer, and  Dealer (MAID) by the Land Transportation Office. ToJo Motors has since been developing modern  technologies, operating after-sales facilities and service centers, and sales of key components for  green transportation.

Next to e-vehicles development, ToJoMotors offers a broad range of services for vehicle and fleet management support, including a network for battery charging/swapping; fleet maintenance support system; delivery planning support and information system; cargo delivery assistance; base vehicle information management and control system; ride hailing application; and passenger service tools.  
ToJo Motors Corporation was established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 8, 2013. 

Tojo Motor currently offers more than 10 EV models, and has distributed fleets located in 13 different cities/regions in the Philippines. It offers a holistic vehicle service support as well as innovative business models (i.e. battery swapping).

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