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PLURAL is an ecuadorian firm with more than 10 years of experience in applied social research, social development projects, social intervention and public policy construction, from a human rights, gender, sustainability and innovation, inclusion and social participation perspective. Together with Bixi Cargo and Tacuri Bicycle, Plural has created “E-Cargo bike”, a strategic alliance that, through knowledge transfer, aims to improve the technical capacity of local actors and existing organisations in the field of urban micro-logistic.

"The adoption of EVs allows cycle transport logistic business models to be potentialized so both costumers and merchants can have better transport opportunities and new business opportunities around EVs can benefit local economy."

Daniel Tixi, Bixi Cargo founder


With the goal of making cycle transport logistic a generalized, friendly and accessible solution, the project will teach targeted local groups how to manufacture and assemble electric bikes. Those vehicles will then be used to tackle the problem of urban traffic congestion by offsetting first and last mile deliveries from trucks to e-cargo bikes. So far the project has developed 10 e- bikes in four different models, three of which are cargo bikes, and one is for passenger transport. Finally, there is also a proposal for an e-cargo bike workshop in the HCQ. 

Plural has started a process on data collection and stakeholder’s identification. It has also already identified European drivetrain providers.

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