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Step-by-Step Approach

“SOLUTIONSplus demonstrations are more than just showcases; 

they are stepping stones towards a future powered by 

clean and efficient electric mobility solutions.” 



SOLUTIONSplus equips city leaders, transit operators, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to navigate electric mobility. We inform them about planning, assessing, and implementing innovative e-mobility solutions for various transport modes – a vital step towards sustainable urban mobility. 

​The first pillar of this project builds on a range of tools, methods and guides and adapts them for a comprehensive toolbox on e-mobility solutions across all modes.


SOLUTIONSplus accelerates electric mobility progress through collaboration. We connect city leaders, operators, and businesses for knowledge exchange on cutting-edge electric mobility products and services. This peer-to-peer approach fuels the development of new policies, technologies, and business models, accelerating the shift towards sustainable urban mobility. 

​This pillar facilitates exchange among city officials, transport operators and entrepreneurs to share their experiences on specific  technologies, policy and infrastructure measures, implementation processes, operations, business and financing solutions.

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SOLUTIONSplus fosters collaboration between local and international entities. We connect governments with entrepreneurs to develop robust business plans for electric mobility solutions, ensuring their economic and operational viability for a thriving future.​


This pillar of the project initiates partnerships among local and European companies and facilitates the joint development of business models, building on sound assessments of economic, social and environmental costs and benefits.


SOLUTIONSplus isn’t just about ideas – it’s about making them a reality. We translate innovation into action through real-world demonstration projects. These projects serve as crucial testing grounds for cutting-edge electric mobility technologies and services. 

Showcase Cutting-Edge Solutions: Demonstration projects bring electric mobility advancements to life, allowing cities to witness their potential firsthand. 

Gather Data: We collect data on performance, user experience, and economic viability. This data becomes the foundation for evidence-based decision-making for broader implementation. 

Refine and Adapt: The learnings gained from demonstrations allow us to refine and adapt electric mobility solutions for diverse contexts. 

Paving the Way for Replication: By demonstrating the success of electric mobility solutions, we encourage widespread adoption. 

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SOLUTIONSplus goes a step further. We maximize the project’s impact by integrating innovative electric mobility concepts into real-world practices. Sustainable solutions require long-term commitment. We achieve this by embedding electric mobility innovations into: 

Policy & Regulation: We advocate for supportive policies at local and national levels, paving the way for widespread adoption. 

Funding & Investment: We connect electric mobility solutions with appropriate funding mechanisms, accelerating their growth. 

Business Integration: We collaborate with businesses to integrate these innovations into their operations, driving market transformation. 

Research & Development: We contribute to ongoing research efforts, fostering continuous innovation in the electric mobility sector.

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