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QIQ – Elevate Mobility has a mission: to build a green, sustainable, shared transportation system for Vietnam. It is passionate about making a positive change in transportation in a sustainable and climate friendly way and they do this by providing shared micro-mobility across a connected mobile app. Users will be able to book, rent, use and travel with electric micro-mobility vehicle across Vietnam and eventually South East Asia (SEA). QIQ – Elevate Mobility believes in helping the cities’ transit into a climate friendly transport infrastructure.  
Its technology includes a booking application for users to book their ride on, various electric vehicle choices from scooters to electric bikes with IOT to connect any types of electric vehicles to the system and docking stations, and a backend management system for operators to manage their fleets. 
In its demo site in Hanoi, QIQ – Elevate Mobility has already deployed its own electric bicycles, vehicle Communication/IOT unit for shared e-scooters, and its fleet management software system. 

“As we are transforming our brand from to Elevate, we aim to elevate the Vietnamese public transportation experiences. With a clear goal and a passion for changes, we believe we could make the world a better place, starting from sustainable and environment friendly transportation.”

Ngan Tran,  CEO/Co-Founder

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QIQ (pronounced “KIK”) is about reimagining transportation – making shared transportation greener and more accessible to the masses. Coupled with clear trends of increasing population growth and urban migration, QIQ aims to relieve the overburdened public transport systems of cities worldwide by creating its own ecosystem of green and shared vehicles, starting from Vietnam.


In late 2019, QIQ – Elevate Mobility has formed a partnership with Ecopark (a 500ha urban township on the outskirts of Hanoi – Vietnam) to deploy the first e-bike sharing system. The company has installed 6 docking stations with 40 electric bikes, each with a tether charger to charge the electric bikes. With 40 e-bikes deployed, QIQ – Elevate system was able to serve 189 trips in one day (average 5 trips/vehicle/day).  
In 2020, QIQ – Elevate Mobility also launched our system in Hoi An city of Vietnam with 200 mechanical bikes and 50 electric bikes, partnered with GIZ and Healthbridge. 

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