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Regional Trainings 2021/22

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Hamburg Regional Training

SOLUTIONSplus and MOBI-MIX workshop on shared e-mobility

Asian Regional Training on E-mobility

Regional Kick-off Meeting & Introduction to E-mobility and its Ecosystem

Electric Vehicles: Policy and Regulation

Charging Infrastructure: Characteristics, Planning, Policy and Operation

19 - 21 October 2021

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26 October – 29 October 2021

Kathmandu City Training  

- E-mobility: Policies and Planning
- EV technology: Operation, Maintenance and Retrofitting
- Planning for EV Charging Infrastructure
- On-Site visit: Insights on EV technology and charging systems

2 November – 5 November 2021

Hanoi City Training

- Planning and implementation of Low Emission Zone
- Management of operation and maintenance of EVs
- Management instruments in Hanoi for promoting e-mobility
- Planning for EV charging infrastructure

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9 November – 12 November 2021

Pasig City Training

- Operation and Maintenance of EVs 
- Regulatory Framework at Local Level
- Planning for EV Charging Infrastructure in Pasig
- Raising Awareness for E-Mobility

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