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Sidertech is a creative and innovative company that is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of industrial plant and equipment projects in the steel and cement area, with the focus of satisfying customer requirements based on our experience to provide personalized and quality solutions, with competent personnel, infrastructure and technology, promoting a culture of quality and service focused on continuous improvement and compliance with applicable requirements. 

“SOLUTIONSplus contributes to a shift in culture and in the vehicle market through information regarding user needs and city characteristics. SIDERTECH has the technology and long-term goals on innovation. So, working collaboratively allows for great synergy and significant change in the local market.”

Stefano Mansuttie, General Manager


The company is manufacturing 4 e-quadricycles with seed funding from the SOLUTIONSplus project. The prototype is called Phoenix, they have received VALEO powertrains to incorporate to the vehicles. 

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Phoenix is an electric vehicle totally designed and manufactured in Ecuador, which looks different from other vehicles because its design with several folds is similar to the one used in aeronautics. The engineering applied to Phoenix was implemented on the workbench and was taken to a 3D model that allowed to improve and correct the design with simulations and calculations, all this led to a prototype that meets the expectation of a light-duty vehicle suitable for transit on the streets of Ecuador. Now enhanced with state-of-the-art technology that meets the objective of transporting cargo, not polluting the environment and complying with coexistence standards. 

Phoenix is also a mix between the comfort and stability of a single-person car and the easy and intuitive driving of a motorcycle, with measures that do not exceed those of a bicycle lane, it will be a friendly vehicle capable of carrying light loads from one place to another within the city without any problem.

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