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Launched in 2008, Sidertech’s main business focuses on engineering, manufacturing and services for steel production plants located in Latin America.  
As part of the programme for local manufacturing implementation, in 2012 Sidertech started producing metal components for motorcycles. Today, the company is using its expertise to develop an electric four-wheel vehicle that, thanks to its flexible design, can be deployed ideal for multiple uses. With a high torque to climb Quito’s steep streets (up to 20%) and long-lasting batteries, Sidertech’s vehicles can be used for cargo, food truck, deliveries, maintenance, trash collection, industrial logistic, private security, and much more.  Developed to improve quality of life in cities, Sidertech’s four-wheelers have a reduced width that would allow them to ride even in bike-lanes. So far, Sidertech has developed an e-quadricycle prototype, for cargo applications. The company is exploring models for passenger transport. In total they will assemble 10 units based on the different prototypes. 

“SOLUTIONSplus contributes to a shift in culture and in the vehicle market through information regarding user needs and city characteristics. SIDERTECH has the technology and long-term goals on innovation. So, working collaboratively allows for great synergy and significant change in the local market.”

Stefano Mansuttie, General Manager


SIDERTECH S.A. is a company founded in 2008. 
The main business started with engineering, manufacturing and services to the steel production plants located in Latin America. During these years they could position the company as a reference for projects in these plants in the Latin American countries. 
In 2012 they started to produce metal components for motorcycles as a program of local manufacturing implementation for the CDK imported and assembled in Ecuador: basically the assembly company receive an important discount in import duty taxes (5.25% instead of 30%) if the include 20% of local manufactured components of the FOB price.

The prototype of Sidertech’s electric four-wheelers is ready, and after first discussions on the provision Valeo’s drivetrain has being provided and installed.

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