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Sustainable Energy Service Company (SESCOM) Limited, focused on efficient production and use of electricity, its collaborating with other two partner companies from Tanzania, Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit (DART), and Jiwe-Kubwa Automobile Company to further develop electric mobility in their country.

Estomih Ngaya Sawe, SESCOM Executive Chairperson

“The transport sector in the world is changing too fast, there will be significant switch from fossil fuel powered vehicles to electric powered. This is an opportunity for SESCOM and her partners to pioneer those life and environment saving initiatives through promoting innovative business models and e mobility technologies and fostering enabling environment that will influence the acceptance and uptake of e Mobility as to harness various economic potentials including jobs creations and balance of trade.”

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SESCOM and its partners aim to develop electric three wheelers equipped with rechargeable storage batteries. Adapted for both cargo and passenger transport, the e-vehicles’ high flexibility will be guaranteed by the different types of batteries that can be fitted on the vehicle, offering different autonomy and charging options. To respond to the various needs of the users, the vehicles can be charged either at SESCOM’s solar powered charging stations or by connecting them to any other power socket or accessing batteries at swapping stations. 
Thanks to its new three electric wheelers, SESCOM will help Tanzania and its cities, and in particular Dar es Salaam, to reduce emissions associated with transport, improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, and create new jobs locally.  


SESCOM has managed to create awareness and initiate market development to a wide range of stakeholders in the country on efficient production, generation and utilisation of renewable energy through highly efficient machineries for productive uses, highly efficient cooking appliances and recently is piloting e-mobility in Dare es Salaam for increasing the efficiency of the transport system in Tanzania with support from UN Habitat. The potential and benefits of e mobility in the economy, health and social welfares considering the driving forces associated with its adoption including reduction in greenhouse gas emission, efficient energy use, fossil fuel savings and low operational costs has well-being communicated.

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