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Green Star aims to develop two utility e-tricycles with a unique design based on two front wheels and one rear wheel. To reduce the environmental footprint of transport, Green Star will convert their highly successful internal combustion engine tricycle in a e-vehicle. Moreover, Green Star’s choice to use second life batteries will increase the sustainability of their e-vehicles even more. Finally, Green Star will introduce a use case on provision of services.

"GreenStar is a company created to develop the manufacture and commercialization of electric vehicles, both for recreation and for urban logistics. Its objective is to produce environmentally friendly vehicles, starting from a base that adds value to its products and also generates qualified national labour."

Pablo Dángelo, Designer


Green Star’s vehicle was sold in large quantities in its internal combustion engine version. The final design of the electric version is being developed, while discussions with Valeo for the provision of drivetrains are ongoing.

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