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Shree Eco Visionary Pvt. Ltd (SEV) was established in Nepal in 2008. Its goal is the promotion of electric vehicles that can be fuelled by clean hydro power produced domestically. This would lower the Nepal’s dependency on imported fossil fuel while preventing the release of harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. 
SEV has  has a long history of manufacturing electric vehicles (three wheelers and four wheelers) in Kathmandu, as well as producing charging/battery management system. It has been responsible for the production and maintenance of three-wheeler electric public transport ‘Safa Tempo’. SEV has also been involved in designing and manufacturing innovative small four-wheelers suitable to the topography of Nepal, like municipal e-trike and cargo e-trikes, as well as four wheeler e-shuttle vans. 

“SEV has been electrifying the public transportation since last two decades and will continue to move on its path of electrifying the mobility for different applications. SEV dreams to make global a common platform for green mobility and Nepal a centre for innovation in Electric mobility.”

 Mr. Umesh Raj Shrestha, CEO/Founder


Shree Eco Visionary (SEV) has a long history of locally manufacturing electric vehicles (three wheelers and four wheelers) in Kathmandu, as well as charging or battery  management system. SEV has been responsible for the manufacturing and maintenance of  three-wheeler electric public transport ‘Safa Tempo’ and involved in various innovative  design and manufacture of small four-wheelers, suitable to the topography of Nepal. 

Using Valeo’s powertrain provided in the framework of SOLUTIONSplus, SEV is now developing a prototype for a modular E-three wheelers with 6kW motor and 10 KWh battery system that could improve quality of life in Nepali cities. This new vehicle would have increased flexibility that will allow a broader array of applications; its modularity makes it adaptable as EV Safa Tempo able to transport up to 6 passengers, as electric cargo trike, an e-trike fitted to handle municipal waste, and an E-shuttle van for touristic applications.

Shree Eco Visionary Pvt. Carries out research and development activities, coupled with local manufacturing of electric vehicles (three wheelers and four wheelers), as well as charging or battery management system. SEV is also active involved in advocating to increase the number of electric vehicles and their range of applications. SEV has been successfully running electric three wheeler in public for last 2 decades and has also been repairing and maintaining them for last 2 decades. SEV has set a perfect example of running/operating public electric vehicles in South Asia. SEV has successfully running battery swapping charging stations for their lead acid batteries and also SEV have successfully replaced the lead acid batteries with Lithium ion based batteries for more than 50 safa tempos and are the first in Nepal to use li-ion based batteries for public electric three wheeler.

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