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Auto-truck prides itself in Mitigating Climate Change through the Adoption of Green Energy Technology by Introduction of Electric 3 wheelers, Mini-cabs for Light Transportation in Major Towns and Cities in Dar, Tanzania as well as offering climate action services among other line products.

“We are not just building a business; we`re building a legacy for our future generation, and we`re teaching 
others how to achieve their ultimate dreams.”

Kenneth Guantai, CEO & Founder Auto-Truck


​Auto - Truck E. A Ltd is a Kenyan Engineering company that was set up to research and manufacture green technology Electric mobility products for the vast and untapped African market. The drive behind this company is Mr. Kenneth Guantai, a Kenyan young entrepreneur and innovator who has great passion in environmental protection. His interest is in developing clean mobility technologies that can be harnessed to combat pollution that results from fossil fuel combustion by the conventional motor vehicles.

The company is fully registered to undertake electric mobility. It has also successfully manufactured commissioned functional prototypes which are now under pilots in readiness for mass production and commercialization both locally and internationally. The innovative products have received numerous awards with the recent from the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering in London and a subsequent pitch at the palace in London among others. The Company has also featured in various local and international media outlets among them, BBC, DW, VOA, TGTN among others. This has prompted numerous enquiries from potential clients across the Globe. This was followed by winning the UN Solution plus project which is anticipated to catapult the company to higher heights. 

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