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SOLUTIONSplus and MOBI-MIX workshop


DAY 1:  5th of May 2022 

New Mobility and Shared E-Mobility: How are cities addressing the potential and challenges?  

  • Introduction and welcome: 

  • Welcome by Hochbahn, Karen van der Linde, Hamburger Hochbahn AG 

  • Brief introduction to SOL+: Stefan Werland, Wuppertal Institute  

  • Brief introduction to MOBI-MIX, Iris Ruysch, City of Rotterdam 

  • City of Hamburg: Climate-neutrality and mobility strategy (mobility strategy, electrification, challenges with new mobility and regulations), Gesine Nitsios, Hamburg Authority for Transport and Mobility 

  • Presentation HOCHBAHN (introduction Public Transport Hamburg and MaaS Approach & alignment with City ambitions), including Q&A, Karen van der Linde, Hamburger Hochbahn AG 

Regulating new mobility (shared e-mobility): different city approaches to steer shared micro mobility services: from offer to regulation: 

  • Regulation, incl. Q&A, Rune Gjos, Director Agency for Bicycling, City of Oslo  

  • Providing parking, incl. Q&A, Natalia Ciciarello, City of Paris 

  • BiciMad and Madrid micromobility regulation, incl. 5 min Q&A, Carlos Mateo, EMT Madrid  

  • Car sharing: ShareNorth project, incl. 5 min Q&A, Rebecca Karbaumer, City of Bremen 

DAY 2: 6th of May 2022 

Integrating shared E-mobility into the transport system 

  • Presentation HOCHBAHN: E-Scooter Project (Integrating New Mobility) à Dominik Radzuweit, Hamburger Hochbahn AG 

  • Lessons learned/post-pilot conclusions  

  • eHubs Project: focusing on scalability /upscaling, Bram Seeuws Autodelen 

Shared mobility results 

  • MOBI-MIX: assessing the impact of shared mobility using the MODE framework, Albert Gragera, Bax & Company  

Physical integration: 

  • SBB: pilot to integrate in train stations, incl. 5 minutes for Q&A, Jan Vonlanthen, SBB 

  • Presentation TIER (Integration to public transport and alignment with cities objectives from the operator’s point of view), Pauline Aymonier, TIER

Presentations Day 1

EMT - Shared mobility in Madrid

City of Hamburg: Climate-Neutrality and Mobility Strategy

Parking offer for shared e-scooters

Introducing Public Transport in Hamburg

Car-sharing and the SHARE-North Project

MOBI-MIX Project Overview

Micro mobility and regulation in Oslo

SOLUTIONSplus Project Overview

Presentations Day 2

MOBI-MIX: assessing the impact of shared mobility using the MODE framework


Hochbahn: Integrating Shared E-Mobility into the transport system

Public Transport integration & MaaS: TIER´s vision

SBB Sharing Zone

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