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WHEELE is a brand of sustainable electric mobility products represented by Cataloa SA for recreational, personal and work use. It specializes in electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, electric skateboards and electric tricycles. 

"WHEELE is an Uruguayan company created in 2016, with the purpose of marketing light electric vehicles, assisting in sales, workshop and spare parts. The products marketed by the brand are electric bicycles of different types and for personal and commercial use, electric motorcycles, scooters, electric cargo tricycles. Within the purpose of the company is the development of sustainable vehicles underpinning its activity with the introduction of environmentally friendly construction techniques. "

Paulo Bareño, Owner

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The pilot identified key areas for improvement. Riders need specific training due to the vehicles’ size, weight, and electric propulsion. Montevideo’s lack of proper bike infrastructure and poor pavement conditions hinder cargo bike use. Additionally, PedidosYa’s point-to-point delivery model doesn’t leverage cargo bikes’ strengths. Consolidation would optimize operations for suitable goods. 

In conclusion, cargo bikes can be viable for Montevideo’s urban logistics only with: 


  • Trained riders 

  • Business models utilizing goods consolidation 

  • Improved e-bike infrastructure 


The particularity of Wheele is related to the characteristic that it combines affordable prices and very diverse products (electric bicycles of very different types). The business model that Wheele manages adapts very well to the local and regional market and they have concrete expansion plans and actions both in Uruguay and in the region. For these purposes, they have recently opened an office in Chile, where they are beginning to place their products.

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