European Innovators Call

2nd Call Open - NEW Submission Deadline: October 12th

SOLUTIONSplus European Innovators Call 

SOLUTIONSplus is an EU-funded flagship project, coordinated by the UEMI secretariat, and implemented by an international consortium of 45 partners that was launched in January 2020 and has a duration of 48 months. The project aims to boost electrification of urban mobility in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.   

The project has set up a global platform to support the take-up of innovative e-mobility solutions for shared, public, and commercial vehicles, support their integration in large urban areas and foster the overall efficiency of operations. SOLUTIONSplus is working to bring together highly committed cities, public transport operators and authorities, industry, research, and finance partners to effectively realise the following: (i) tools that support capacity building and implementation of e-mobility; (ii) real-life demonstrations to prove their feasibility and reliability in different context; and (iii) replication activities to maximise the impact of the project.  

The SOLUTIONSplus demonstration cities are: 

  • Africa: Kigali (Rwanda) and Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) 

  • Asia: Hanoi (Vietnam), Kathmandu (Nepal) and Pasig (Philippines) 

  • Europe: Hamburg (Germany) and Madrid (Spain) 

  • Latin America: Montevideo (Uruguay), and Quito (Ecuador).  

Overall, the demonstration cities will be testing e-mobility solutions including vehicles in different use-cases for shared and public passenger transport and urban logistics. This includes Mobility as a Service applications, charging solutions and associated business models. A key objective of the demonstration actions is to develop appropriate vehicle and service concepts and integrate them into existing urban mobility systems. These would also guide the assessment of appropriate business models, supporting policies, and financing mechanisms needed for achieving wider e-mobility transformation. 

Relevant information about the demonstration actions, and proposed solutions can be found here: ;

Objective of the Call  

This call aims to stimulate partnerships (business, technology, manufacturing) between European innovators (start-ups, SMEs, industries, research institutes) to their counterparts involved in the SOLUTIONSplus demonstration actions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America through the SOLUTIONSplus “Start-Up Incubator.” In addition, this call aims to incorporate suitable European technologies, and expertise into the demonstration actions. 

Scope of the Call and funding rules  

This call is the second in a series of calls towards European companies. 

Contributors are expected to provide specific technological solutions and/or advice as part of co-development process involving innovative e-mobility solutions which will be tested in the urban living labs.  

There will be several calls for contributions as part of the SOLUTIONSplus Start-up Incubator. This particular call invites proposals related to the provision of the following: 

  • Technical advice on:  

  • Engineering and design of Light Electric Vehicles (2-, 3- and 4-wheelers) 

  • Conversion of ICE vehicles into electric vehicles, via knowledge transfer, trainings, and development support  

  • Battery development and implementation (e.g.: 2nd life batteries, battery casing, battery management, etc.) 

  • Charging equipment / infrastructure 

For these topics, € 15.000 is estimated per contract. 

  • Batteries, charging, and related equipment, such as: 

  • Batteries 

  • Battery swapping equipment 

  • Battery testing equipment (e.g. laboratory power supply, rework station, battery impedance test equipment)  

  • Charging equipment for LEVs 

  • Other components 

For these topics, € 25.000 is estimated per contract. 

The total budget available for this round is € 150.000. Upon selection, UITP will enter into an Agreement of Cooperation with the selected entities.  

Who can apply? 

The eligible applicants are innovators in the form of start-ups, SMEs, research institutes and industries established in a Member State of the European Union, including their outermost regions.2 Applicants established in the UK are eligible under the conditions set by the EC for H2020 participation at the time of the deadline of the call. 

Submission procedure and timeline 

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) must be delivered in electronic format and utilise the application form (in attachment). EOIs submitted past the deadline or incomplete will not be retained for evaluation. Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail.  

The call opened on July 1st and will close on September 9th. The evaluation of applications will be completed within 2 weeks of the closing date of this call. Applicants may be invited to conversations to clarify their proposals, if deemed necessary. Immediately after, awarded applicants will be asked to sign an agreement with UITP which will cover up to the duration of the project (till December 2023).  

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