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Winners of the Pitching Competition

At the ITS European Congress in Toulouse, three start-ups that are part of the SOLUTIONSplus project impressed the audience with their innovative concepts during a special pitching competition. Collaborating with start-ups and SMEs is an important aspect of SOLUTIONSplus.

Through its Start-up Incubator, SOLUTIONSplus puts in contact local start-ups with industry partners around the world to co-develop e-mobility solutions that will lower emissions in urban areas. The SOLUTIONSplus Start-up Incubator is led by ERTICO and benefits from its experience with its Start-up Initiative, which gives start-ups the unique opportunity to participate in the ERTICO organised ITS Congresses in a designated exhibition area where they can present their products and services. At the last ITS European Congress held in Toulouse from 30 May to 1 June, some of the start-ups involved in the SOLUTIONSplus project had the opportunity to pitch their products or services to the audience. Each start-up presented their concept through short videos and then tried to convince the audience to vote for them. The audience took an active role in the session and acted as potential “investors” for the different projects presented.

The pitching competition resulted in the audience electing three winners: SESCOMShree Eco Visionary and Ampersand.

SESCOM (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania), the first winner of the competition, develops electric three wheelers equipped with rechargeable storage batteries. The wheelers are suitable for both cargo and passenger transport and offer various types of batteries with different autonomy and charging possibilities. Through its three wheelers, SESCOM helps Dar es Salaam reduce its transport emissions, improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.

The second winner, Shree Eco Visionary (Kathmandu, Nepal), manufactures electric vehicles (three wheelers and four wheelers) fuelled by locally-produced, clean hydro power that are adapted to the topography of Nepal. It also handles the production and maintenance of electric three-wheeler for public transport, setting an example in South Asia. In addition, the start-up carries out research and development activities and develops charging or battery management systems.

Ampersand (Kigali, Rwanda) is the third winner of the competition. This start-up provides affordable electric motorcycles (e-motos) and charging systems, and gives local motorcycle taxis drivers a cleaner and more affordable alternative to petrol motorcycles. The batteries of their e-motos can be swapped easily for a charged one at their battery charging stations, making it more convenient for users. Ampersand also has its own online and mobile platforms for the management of its battery fleet.

Discover the work of these three start-ups, in video below, to see for yourself why they convinced the audience!

The SOLUTIONSplus project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875041.

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