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Kigali - Reflecting on SOLUTIONSplus: Kigali's Leap Towards Sustainable Urban Mobility

As the SOLUTIONSplus project comes to an end, we look back with pride on the transformative strides made in Kigali's urban mobility. 

 Here's a snapshot of our achievements:

  • E-Motorcycles: Empowering women drivers with 75 e-moto taxis, providing a reliable and eco-friendly alternative for urban transport.

  • Bike Share System: Deployed along the busiest bus corridors, featuring 80 shared bicycles and 80 bike racks to promote cycling.

  • Electric Buses: Successfully piloted and developed an E-Bus Master Plan to guide the future of public transport in Kigali.

  • As we conclude this impactful journey, we celebrate these milestones and look forward to seeing continued progress in sustainable transport.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these achievements!

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