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SOLUTIONSplus co-developed innovative and integrated e-mobility solutions for urban passenger and freight transport in participatory Living Labs in Hanoi (Vietnam), Pasig (Philippines), Lalitpur/Kathmandu (Nepal), Kigali (Rwanda), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Quito (Ecuador), Montevideo (Uruguay), Madrid (Spain), Nanjing (China) and Hamburg (Germany). Local authorities, industry, research and implementing partners established a global platform for shared, public and commercial e-mobility solutions to foster the transition towards low-carbon urban mobility. 

“SOLUTIONSplus has been a catalyst for change, driving us closer to a future of sustainable, low-carbon urban mobility”

The project addressed major urban mobility issues by demonstrating the viability of electric mobility solutions, improving operational efficiency, and integrating various types of e-mobility across diverse urban landscapes across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Over 20 scale-up and replication projects have been initiated as a result of these demonstrations, taking forward SOLUTIONSplus’s learnings towards transformative implementation action. 

SOLUTIONSplus has been a model of collaboration, bringing together cities, industry, research, implementing organisations and financing partners in a common objective to advance sustainable urban transportation solutions. Regional hubs have been established in partner universities to integrate the learnings from SOLUTIONSplus into the education of future change makers, continue the support to local start-up and act as focal point for the facilitation of co-development processes. 

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SOLUTIONSplus  Living labs

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