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Montevideo - Celebrating Bike Week: Cycling UK's Global Impact and Montevideo's Electric Mobility Milestones

Updated: Jun 18

Bike Week, established in the UK, is the biggest awareness-raising moment of the year for cycling. This year, Cycling UK celebrates cycling as a force for good, encouraging and enabling more people to cycle for a happier, healthier, greener, and more connected society. 

As we celebrate Bike Week, we spotlight the incredible demo actions of the SOLUTIONSplus project in Montevideo, Uruguay. The initiative has made remarkable strides in promoting electric mobility and enhancing urban logistics.

Through collaboration with local and European partners, the project has:

  • Implemented Charging Infrastructure: Supporting the adoption of electric vehicles with the necessary infrastructure for a sustainable future.

  • Supported Local Manufacturing of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs): Encouraging local innovation and production of eco-friendly transportation options.

  • Advanced Sustainable Transportation Solutions: Fostering a greener, more efficient urban mobility landscape in Montevideo.

Join us in celebrating these milestones and the collective effort to make urban transport more sustainable!

Learn more about our city Montevideo: 

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