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Montevideo - Kick-off

On July 6th. the results of the SolutionsPlus project were presented in Montevideo, Uruguay, where the progress of Component 1 and Component 2 were shown. Component 1 - conducted with the power utility company UTE and the Municipality of Montevideo - shows important advances at the design level of the multimodal charging node in the Ciudadela Terminal in Montevideo. Component 2 has already finished the local produced prototypes (exhibited in the showroom), being the vehicle testing and assessment conducted in the coming weeks.

COMPONENT 1: multimodal charging hub for e-buses, e-taxis and light electric vehicles in the Ciudadela Terminal of Montevideo City.

The approach/ innovative aspect: 

• Support for the construction of a pilot multimodal charging hub for e-buses, e-taxis and light electric vehicles, which will feature smart charging solutions that are compliant with CCS-2, OCPP, and other standards. 

• Charging solutions will allow overnight and opportunity charging for electric buses inside the Ciudadela Terminal, and e-taxis and light electric vehicles in one side of its border. 

• Charging points to serve e-taxis during the day, which will have access to the 43 AC kW charging points, as well as charging points for light electric vehicles (16 Amps.)  

• Provision of founds for the improvement of terminal infrastructure and project management for the installation of charging infrastructure. 



• Support and project management to the integration of multi-standard fast chargers in the multimodal charging hub in the Ciudadela Terminal 

• Invitation to the Public Utility Company (UTE) to be part in the project 

• Definitions about the infrastructure improvements, such as facilities and pavements. 


Fact and figures  

• Over 95% of the electricity generated in Uruguay comes from renewable sources  

• Fifty-five percent (55%) of the fuel combustion-related GHGs in Uruguay are from the transport sector  

• The light-duty vehicle fleet in the country has been exponentially growing in the recent 5 past years. 

COMPONENT 2: local manufacturing of light electric vehicles

E-mobility pilots 2nd. Component - Local Manufacturing of LEVs for Urban Logistics  

Status of the demo: three local manufacturers have already prototyped their vehicles --> CargoBike / Wheele / GreenStar 

CargoBike status: 

  • 5 vehicles in total  

  • 3 prototypes already finished  

  • 2 vehicles in progress  

Wheele status: 

  • 3 vehicles in total  

  • 1 prototypes already finished  

  • 2 vehicles in progress  

GreenStar status: 

  • 2 tricycles + 2 quadricycles  

  • 1 prototype (tricycle) already finished  

  • 1 tricycle in progress + 2 quadricycles pending  

  • Waiting for Valeo powertrains  


 Designed test pilots for e-cargo bikes:  

  • Local counterpart for testings: National Directory of Energy 

  • Final users: (women NGO)  

  • Intended use of vehicles: Delivery&post services  

  • Type of vehicles: e-cargo bikes  

  • 3 selected cities  

  • 3+2 months for testings (depending on the end of the manufacture)  

  • 4 vehicles will be tested  

  • First pilot city: Paso de los Toros - Urguay  

  • Population: 15.000 people  

  • One rider per bike.  

  • All trips will be monitored via app, gathering relevant information (km traveled, kWh, etc.).  


A final suvey per rider will be conducted.  Main topics of the final survey:  

  • Purpose of the trip  

  • Frequency of trips  

  • Multimodal trips / combinations  

  • Time & hours of services  

  • Users experience  

  • Evaluation of the mobility service before and after SOL+ pilot  

  • How the user was aware about the SOL+ vehicles  

  • Background questions (age, gender)  

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