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Kigali - SOLUTIONSplus Shines at Walk21 Conference: Pioneering Low-Carbon Urban Mobility in Kigali

SOLUTIONSplus, the initiative propelling the shift towards low-carbon urban mobility, left an indelible mark at the Walk21 Conference in Kigali last October.

On 16 October, SOLUTIONSPlus and TRANS-SAFE co-hosted the workshop titled 'Ensuring pedestrian safety in an e-mobility era,' sparking lively discussions on e-mobility and pedestrian safety, fueled by African demonstrations in Kigali and Dar es Salaam.

Unlocking e-bicycles' potential On 19 October, the dynamic "Unlocking e-bicycles' potential" side event unfolded, a collaborative effort by POLIS Network and Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI). This session included insightful discussions on diverse use-cases & innovative concepts for e-bikes from SOLUTIONSplus partner startups AfricroozE - The African e-BikeWahu Mobility Ltd., and GURARIDE Rwanda. Valuable advice and experiences were also shared by the City of Kigali.

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