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Enhancing Electric Mobility: SOLUTIONSplus Training Drives Technical Advancements in Quito

Exciting Updates from SOLUTIONSplus Activities in Quito!

From December 4th to December 15th, a site training took place, focusing on powertrain connection, wiring, and setup in collaboration with V Motors. Led by Juan Carriquiry, UEMI, the training addressed challenges like vehicle controller programming and dashboard setup.

Technical Challenges and Achievements:

  • Programming of the vehicle controller and dashboard.

  • Intensive focus on failure diagnosis.

  • Utilized tools: Valeo components, PCs, CANalyzer software, and power tools.

Project Planning:

  • Management session organized steps for diagnostics software purchase and resource planning.

The activity proved to be highly successful in enhancing the skills of Sidertech's technical team and comprehending the intricacies of powertrain connection, wiring, programming, diagnosis, and fault correction processes provided by Valeo in order to complete the prototyping of the vehicle.

After the prototype is entirely finished, the remaining vehicles must be made and get tested in the city.

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