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Empowering Ecuador's Electric Mobility: Solutions+ Workshop Drives Sustainable Urban Innovation

From January 16 to 18, the Urban Living Lab Center (ULLC), Environmental Fund, and Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) hosted a dynamic workshop series at the National Polytechnic School in Quito, Ecuador.

Over 210 participants, representing diverse sectors, gathered to shape the SOLUTIONSplus Roadmap for the city's electric mobility transition (2024-2029). Discussions centered on Low Carbon Last-Mile Logistics, Electrification of Public Transportation, and Technological Solutions for Integrated Public Transportation and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Notable speakers, including the director of the National Polytechnic School, Dr. Tarquino Sanchez, and Mr. Alex Moreno from the Municipality of Quito, emphasized the importance of sustainable mobility in Ecuador. Further keynote speakers feautured from the private sector, public companies and the academia, such as Grupo Entregas, Transportes Guadalajara, Clipp Movilidad, EPMTPQ, @ModeMat LOGYCA, Centro Movilidad Sostenible, and Urban Living Lab Center Escuela Politécnica Nacional.

Key Highlights were the Presentation of the impact of SOLUTIONSplus Project in Quito, showcasing successful results in low-carbon urban logistics and micro-mobility.

The project has implemented 10 electric cargo bicycles, collecting 16 tons of recycled material daily through 229 trips, avoiding 491 tCO2e emissions in a two-month pilot.

Socio-economic impact includes a 25%-75% increase in monthly income and a 43%-56% reduction in work time.

Stay tuned for more interesting updates from our Actions in Ecuador!

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