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EKOglobe Electrifies Three-Wheelers in Dar es Salaam: A Game Changer for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Exciting News from SOLUTIONSplus! 

EKOglobe is making waves in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, tackling transportation challenges head-on.

The city, grappling with a booming population and worsening traffic congestion, is in need of sustainable solutions. Our initiative involves electrifying three-wheelers, a move that promises to ease congestion, slash emissions, and enhance the city's quest for sustainable development.

The electrification project specifically targets three-wheelers supporting the BRT system in Dar es Salaam. This innovative step is poised to transform the city's transportation landscape, addressing air pollution, cutting operating costs, and boosting mobility for residents. Moreover, it's a significant stride towards economic development, creating job opportunities in the electric vehicle sector.

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