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solutionsplus final event
accelerating the urban electric mobility transition

On June 24 and 25, the final event of the SOLUTIONSplus project took place in Brussels, bringing together over 40 partners and experts to discuss the future of urban electric mobility. Since its inception in January 2020, SOLUTIONSplus had spearheaded innovation in urban mobility through nine demonstration projects across various cities worldwide.

This two-day workshop presented the final results of this flagship project, highlighted key accomplishments, and outlined a range of follow-up actions. The event aimed to catalyze action, foster partnerships, and share knowledge among cities, industry, researchers, and financiers to accelerate the transition to sustainable urban electric mobility.

Participants engaged in discussions on scaling up successful e-mobility solutions, learned from city-level demonstrations, and explored strategies for replicating these solutions across diverse urban settings. The workshop featured insights from SOLUTIONSplus Living Labs, showcasing key outcomes and lessons learned from demonstrations in cities such as Hanoi, Pasig, Kathmandu, Kigali, Dar es Salaam, Quito, Montevideo, Madrid, Nanjing, and Hamburg.

In addition to the presentations and panel discussions, the event provided ample opportunities for networking and informal discussions among participants. These interactions aimed to build strong partnerships and identify new research, demonstration, and implementation opportunities to further advance urban electric mobility.

A key focus of the workshop was on international cooperation, innovation, capacity building, and financing for urban e-mobility. Experts highlighted the contributions of SOLUTIONSplus Work Packages and discussed potential linkages to partner projects. Participants explored how to take forward the results and learnings from SOLUTIONSplus in their own activities, ensuring the sustainability and scalability of these initiatives.

The event concluded with breakout sessions that delved deeper into specific aspects of e-mobility integration, innovation, and implementation. These sessions drew on relevant highlights from SOLUTIONSplus work packages and explored opportunities for future activities.

As we came together to share our experiences and insights, we looked forward to the contributions to this important dialogue. Together, we aimed to accelerate the transition to sustainable urban electric mobility and make a significant impact on the future of our cities.

For more details, check out our new brochure.

Workshop Highlights


Practical Training

Participants will learn how to operate and maintain electric cargo bikes safely and efficiently for waste collection and deliveries.


Leadership Development

Gain valuable skills in communication, teamwork, and assertiveness, empowering themselves and others.


Women’s Rights and Safety

Focus on women’s rights as workers and strategies to prevent gender-based violence.


Sustainable Practices

Discover ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into daily work.

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