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Zembo is a Ugandan e-mobility company providing motorcycle-taxi drivers with locally assembled electric motorcycles as a rent-to-own asset. Zembo provides a battery swapping service to its clients, enabling to drive continuously and swap at any of the stations. They provide affordable electric two-wheelers to low-income self-employed motorcycle taxi drivers to help them increase their revenue and protect the environment. 


Zembo has been selling and recharging electric motorcycle taxis (boda-boda) in Kampala since 2018. Drivers become owner of their bike after 2 years, instead of usually renting their motorcycle. In addition, Zembo provides a battery swap service (drivers swap a discharged battery against a recharged one) in their network of solar hybrid recharge stations in Kampala. 

As part of SOLUTIONSplus, ZEMBO empowered 25 women by giving them an electric motorcycle on a subsidized lease to own basis and trained them to become electric motorcycle-taxi/delivery drivers. They also provided gender awareness, financial literacy, first aid training to all Zembo electric motorcycle taxi-drivers. The project is designed to provide skills to electric motorcycle drivers by addressing gender inequalities and empower women to be financially independent by providing them with a means of livelihood and improve working conditions and livelihoods of all drivers. 


Zembo is the largest provider of electric motorcycles and battery swapping stations in Uganda. Their business model for supplying and maintaining the equipment has a focus on affordability, reliability, and longevity of the electric motorcycles. The partnership between Zembo and local mechanics or workshops provides a comprehensive approach to equipment maintenance and repair. 

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