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TRí, a Tanzanian electric mobility startup, empowers drivers with doubled daily profits and reduced asset ownership barriers. Their iterative approach, incorporating driver feedback, ensures local spare parts availability & ongoing innovation. Through SOLUTIONSplus, TRí’s deployment of electric three-wheelers and advocacy for government policies underscores their commitment to sustainable transportation. 


As of October 2023, TRí supplied vehicles to 33 customers in a lease-to-own or retail scheme. Providing electric three-wheelers to drivers enabled them to increase their daily profits by up to two times, and to lower entry barriers to asset ownership. TRí is also partnering with the digital platform BOLT to recruit drivers. 

After designing a first model, TRí has put priority on integrating feedback and preferences of drivers. This resulted in the development of a second model with mechanical and battery changes, and full availability of spare parts locally. 

As part of SOLUTIONSplus, TRí deployed 20 electric three-wheelers of the first model in Dar es Salaam and will deploy 5 further vehicles of the second model. TRí will be in charge of installing chargers near BRT stations and depots to support feeder connectivity. 


TRí is the largest provider of electric three-wheelers in Dar es Salaam and will establish a local assembly line in early 2024, bringing significant change from previous import of fully assembled ICE three-wheelers. TRí has been instrumental in raising awareness within the government on electric mobility and securing exemption from import duties.

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