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Swap & Go, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTT, stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the electric mobility landscape with its pioneering battery swapping services for two-wheeler. Established with a commitment to sustainable urban transportation, Swap & Go has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry, reshaping the way people perceive and embrace electric mobility. 


As of today, Swap & Go proudly operates 30 strategically located battery swapping stations, serving to communities of over 100 riders who have embraced the convenience and efficiency of our services. The expansion of our battery station network reflects our unwavering dedication to providing accessible and reliable electric mobility solutions. 


Swap & Go has joined hands with a variety of different high technology models of electric motorcycle for all usage application, i.e., the Stallions, I-Motor etc. The provided services include electric motorcycle rental, battery swapping packages those are supported with their mobile application. 

With our 100 riders, Swap & Go helps reduce greenhouse gas emission approximately 76.5 MTonCO2,eq per year (annual driving length 15,000 km, GHG different between ICE-2w and e2w is 51 kgCO2,eq). 


Swap & Go pioneered Thailand’s first universal battery system for electric motorcycles. This innovation, along with partnerships with OEMs, aims to not only transform mobility but also empower local businesses and create a robust electric two-wheeler ecosystem. Swap & Go even offers battery swapping packages with reduced upfront costs through the SOLUTIONSplus project.

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