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Sero Electric is an Argentine national manufacturer of electric vehicles, with the commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive sector. Their operations started in 2010, developing different models after several studies and tests. Among their capacity is the local manufacturing and development of spare parts for the e-vehicles. Their vision and objective for the future is to produce cutting-edge electric vehicles, with more extensive autonomies and to insert them in the market as an innovative option. 


Two electric vans were manufactured with funding of the SOLUTIONSplus project for a pilot of last mile logistics operations. The pilot consisted on the delivery of packages from Correo Argentino. As a result, the load capacity increased compared to the previous vehicles used in the distribution of packages, improving the logistics operation while reducing emissions. 


Sero electric has the capacity for mass production and have a 2000 square metre plant for the production of electric vehicles in Buenos Aires. In their catalogue they have different models for both cargo, passenger transport and special models for logistics operations. 

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