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Asia, Latin America and Africa

Green Transport model for Hue city, Vietnam 

Date: 22 Feb 2024 

Venue: Hue, Vietnam 

Main organizer: UNDP Vietnam 

SOLUTIONSplus contribution: Online presentation  

SOLUTIONSplus supported the Green Transportation training in Hue city, Vietnam on 22nd Feb 2024, organized by UNDP, bringing together government, city authorities, private sectors, and tourism enterprises. Shritu Shrestha from Wuppertal Institute and Hassan Hussin from Technical University of Berlin and Rupprecht Consult presented virtually on Key considerations for e-mobility, and MaaS application for Green Transportation services, respectively. 

Approaches for Transitioning Transport Sector in Ho Chi Minh city

Date: 14-15 March 2024 

Venue: Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam 

Main organizer: UNDP Vietnam 

SOLUTIONSplus contribution: Online presentation  


SOLUTIONSplus supported the Approaches for Transitioning Transport Sector in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam on 14th March 2024, organized by UNDP, bringing together government, city authorities, private sectors, and tourism enterprises. Shritu Shrestha from Wuppertal Institute, Hassan Hussin from Technical University of Berlin and Rupprecht Consult, and Sergio Fernández Balaguer from EMT Madrid will present virtually on Key considerations for e-mobility,  MaaS application for Green Transportation services, and Business model for e-bus and lessons learned, respectively. 

Ansicht von Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt

Hands-on training to use IT shared booking system for EV shared use in Pasig, Philippines

Date: March 2024

Venue: Pasig, the Philippines 

Main organizer: Pasig city 


SOLUTIONSplus partner, Pasig City, is planning to organize a local training to use IT shared booking system for EV shared use.  Tojo motors (SOL+ SME in Pasig), is co-ordinating with LOCA (SOL+ SME is Laos/Thailand) for IT booking app. 


Paving the Path: Decarbonising Transport in India and the Region 

Date: 28-29th March 2024 

Venue: New Delhi, India 

Main organizer: International Transport Forum 

Co-organiers: Wuppertal Institute, UC Davis India ZEV Research Centre 

SOLUTIONSplus contribution: In-person presentation, peer exchanges 


The two-day event on ‘ Paving the Path: Decarbonising Transport in India and the Region’ brings together Indian and international stakeholders from the transport community to reinforce co-operation on decarbonising transport. It aims to facilitate the cross-border exchange of insights and experiences among regional counterparts grappling with analogous challenges in decarbonising their transportation systems. The event also facilitates networking between transport researchers, private and public sector professionals, as well as high-level figures in the transport space.  


SOLUTIONSplus partners Wuppertal Institute, Hanoi UTT, Sajha, Tojo motors and ENTEC will join the event and actively participate in the session ‘Experiences on decarbonising transport in the region. This session will present the experiences of e-mobility living lab projects under SOLUTIONSplus project as well as showcasing the experiences of mobility initiatives in other regions.  

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 15.02.48.png

Electric two-wheelers sharing system in Hanoi

Date: 4-5th April 2024 

Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam 

Organizer: University of Transport Technology, Hanoi Department of Transport, SOLUTIONSplus 

SOLUTIONSplus Partners joining the event: UNEP, WI, ITDP, UEMI and CAA 


With the aim to discuss on Hanoi pilot project on Electric two-wheelers sharing system and upscaling plan, the two day event is organized in collaboration with EC-funded SOLUTIONSplus project, the IKI-funded electric two-wheeler project, and the BMZ-funded Gender and E-mobility project. The scope and objectives of the event are: 

  • Current state of E2W sharing system in Hanoi: status quo, infrastructure needs, barriers, and opportunities 

  • Case studies and best practices of electric two-wheeler (e-bike, e-motorcycle) sharing systems: regulatory and institutional framework, and operation models. 

  • Gender transformative and just transition to electric mobility in Viet Nam 

  • Measurement, Reporting and Verification for electric 2-wheelers in Viet Nam 

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 15.04.12.png

Electrifying public transport in Nepal: Local Electric vehicle production from Planning to Prototyping and scaling up

Date: 22nd April 2024 

Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal 

Organizer: Sajha Yatayat under SOLUTIONSplus 

SOLUTIONSplus Partners joining the event: WI, DTU and CAA 


The workshop aims to foster in-depth discussions and demonstrations centered around the local production of electric vehicles, encompassing innovative initiatives like the conversion of diesel buses to electric and the development of other light electric vehicles for fostering public transport in Nepal. By convening a diverse array of stakeholders including EV operators, suppliers, business entities, policymakers, development partners, and academicians, the event seeks to facilitate a collaborative exchange of insights and expertise. Specifically, the workshop aims to explore the untapped potential of local electric vehicle manufacturing and address key factors essential for its scalability, such as technical standards, cost-effectiveness, finance and safety protocols. 

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ASEAN Light Electric Vehicles Guidelines 

Date: 14th May 2024 

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand 

Organizer: SMMR project (ASEAN and German co-operation project) 

SOLUTIONSplus Partners joining the event: WI  


The event was organised under the ASEAN-GIZ project - Sustainable Design on Urban Mobility in Medium-sized Metropolitan Regions” (SMMR). The development of ASEAN Light Electric Vehicles Guidelines is a part of the project, in which SOLUTIONSplus project also contributed in drafting it. 

The event discusses the current progress in the development ASEAN Light Electric Vehicles Guidelines with ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Member States. The guideline will be submitted to the ASEAN Land Transport Working Group (LTWG). 

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 15.07.42.png

Future Mobility Asia

Date: 15-17th May 2024 

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand 

Organizer: DMG events, officially hosted by Thai Ministry of Energy 

SOLUTIONSplus Partners joining the event: WI and UNEP 

SOLUTIONSplus start-ups joining the event: Tojo motors (Philippines), LOCA (Laos/ Thailand), Swap and GO (Thailand) 


With the aim to facilitate peer exchanges among startups in Asia, SOLUTIONSplus projects is collaborating with the Future Mobility Asia (FMA) platform, as it stands as the region’s most comprehensive platform for clean mobility concepts, solutions, technologies, and innovations. SOLUTIONSplus partners and start-ups were actively engaged in three sessions: LEADERSHIP PANEL: Navigating new paths: the transformative power of micro-mobility on 16th May and CORPORATE VENTURING PANEL: Supercharging eMobility startups in Asia' and Battery revolution on May 17th. 

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 15.09.21.png

Mainstreaming Electric 2 and 3 wheelers in Thailand 

Date: 20 May 2024 

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand 

Organizer: UNEP with ENTEC 

SOLUTIONSplus Partners joining the event: WI 


The event aims to accelerate the electric two and three wheelers in Thailand, disseminating pilots to wider stakeholders and discuss the ways to scale it up. This also includes regulatory and institutional framework, operation system, as well as Measurement, Reporting and Verification for electric 2 and 3-wheelers in Thailand. 

The event presented an an overview of the UNEP and SOLUTIONSplus projects, detailing the progress and key achievements in promoting electric 2 and 3 wheelers (E2&3W) in Thailand. There were also highlights on the success factors and learnings from electric two wheelers projects, showcasing the importance and potential of electric two and three wheelers and services, such as National battery swapping framework in Thailand. 

Tuk-Tuk-Parkplatz von Sanam Luang

Peer Exchange: Clean Air Asia and EPN (Quito) peer exchange on eco-driving 


Date: 31 May 2024 (tbc) 

Venue: Virtual 

Organizer: UEMI, CAA, WI, EPN/Quito 


Clean Air Asia will conduct a 90-minute (tbc) introductory and informative session on eco-driving for Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN) in Quito. This session will cover key points from the eco-driving guidebook developed by Clean Air Asia, including manuals, modules, handouts, and assessment forms. The aim is to equip EPN with the knowledge and tools to utilize the LCMM tool, developed by T-Systems for application in Nanjing, China, which is planned to be tested in Quito, enhancing the driving behavior of municipal public transport operators. 


Cape Town City-to-city exchange 


Date: 5-8 March 2024 

Venue: Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Main organizers: SOLUTIONSplus, UN-Habitat 


This event was held adjacent to the Africa Transport Research Conference (co-hosted by the University of Cape Town) and had a focus on road safety and e-mobility.  

Stellenbosch Kapstadt Südafrika

E-Bicycle Workshop Dar es Salaam


Date: 15 March 2024  

Venue: Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Main organizers: SOLUTIONSplus, Urban Living Lab Center (ULLC), Wuppertal Institute (WI), Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), FASTA Cycling Cooperative 


On the 15th of March, SOLUTIONSplus organized a participatory workshop on electric bicycles in Dar es Salaam at DIT. During the workshop, the Urban Living Lab Center presented findings of the SOLUTIONSplus e-bicycle project and engaged in discussions about the future of e-bicycles in Tanzania.  

The morning session focused on exchanges on strategies to boost e-bicycle adoption in Dar es Salaam. Cyclists, DIT students, DIT staff, discussed a desired design for this specific delivery market, strategies to create a maintenance and repair ecosystem, and pathways to raise awareness on cycling and electric bicycles. Female cyclists and students highlighted the need to have a frame easy to use for women. In the afternoon, the Urban Living Lab Center trained FASTA cyclists to use a booking app, which is expected to significantly facilitate FASTA's operations and attract further customers. The ULLC then handed over smartphones to the cyclists to be able to use the app. Recommendations to enhance FASTA's business model were discussed in working groups. 

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 15.17.31.png

Décarbonation des transports au Maroc

Date: 24-26 April 2024  

Venue: The View Hotel Rabat, Rabat, Morocco 

Main organizers: partnership between the DTEE (ITF, Wuppertal Institute) and SOLUTIONSplus (Urban Living Lab Center, Wuppertal Institute, CODATU) 


On the 26th of April, the Wuppertal Institute (Urban Living Lab Center) and CODATU will launch a training programme dedicated to Moroccan local authorities, as a partnership between the DTEE and SOLUTIONSplus projects. Participants will be trained on various aspects of electric mobility, including policies at national and local level, urban planning and electric mobility, public transport electrification, promotion and regulation of light electric vehicles, electrification of urban freight. 


Second Africa E-Mobility Forum

Date: 13-17 May 2024  

Venue: Pullman Dakar Teranga Hotel, Dakar, Senegal 

Main organizers: SOLUTIONSplus, UITP, UN Environment, Urban Living Lab Center (ULLC), Wuppertal Institute (WI), UN-Habitat, ITDP 


The First Africa E-mobility Forum was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in March 2023 and brought together around 100 delegates from over 20 African cities with financiers and companies working on the transition to electric mobility in the region. A lot has happened in the e-mobility space on the continent since then! This year’s Forum in Dakar, Senegal will build on the outcomes and connections established at the first edition and expand the range of topics, companies and countries participating. The primary goals of the forum are to: 


  • Bring together government officials from relevant public sector institutions to connect and enhance their knowledge of e-mobility 

  • Connect public and private sector entities working on electric mobility on the continent to enhance their mutual understanding 

  • Showcase private sector innovation in electric mobility 

  • Connect financiers with companies that need financing for electric mobility projects 

  • Share country and city-level experiences with developing and implementing electric mobility projects, in particular, those developed under the EU-funded project SOLUTIONSplus 

  • Learn about the link between gender and electric mobility 


In combination with the Forum, the UITP Academy is offering its in-person training programme on Procurement, Planning & Funding of Electric Buses giving a comprehensive overview on how to procure, plan and fund electric buses: from the setting of a long term city strategy in terms of energy transition to the definition of a charging strategy and the choice of technology and all the way to the procurement and the implementation and operation of the system. This training will give an insight into urban bus networks, importance of building sustainable infrastructure, and present learnings from successful major electric bus system procurement, implementation and financing. The training programme is ISO29990:2010 certified – the standard for learning services for nonformal education and training. 

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 15.20.45.png

Strengthening Local Technical Capacity on Electric Vehicle technology

Date: 3-7 June  

Venue: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Main organizers: SOLUTIONSplus, UN-Habitat, Urban Living Lab Center 


The training aims to train garage technicians (mechanical and electrical technicians) from highlighted garages in Dar es Salaam. It will be a one week training with both theory and practical aspects. At the end of training participants will be given certificates of attendance. The trained group(s) will be linked with the Tanzania Electric Mobility Association (TAeMA).  

Computer reparieren
Latin america

City Roadmap Workshop Series 

Date: 16-18 January 2024  

Venue: Quito, Ecuador – Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN) 

Main organizers: SOLUTIONSplus, Urban Living Lab Center (ULLC), Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI), Wuppertal Institute (WI) 


On January 16, 17 and 18, the workshops series for the construction of the SOLUTIONSplus Roadmap to design the city's agenda for the transition to electric mobility for the period 2024- 2029, was held at the National Polytechnic School in Quito - Ecuador. The three-day event had 210 participants, 75 in person and 135 remotely, representing different municipal institutions, the private sector, academia, civil society and international organizations, who exchanged their ideas and experiences in the transition towards low-carbon mobility in Quito and Ecuador. 


The opening event counted with the valuable presence of the Rector of the National Polytechnic School, Dr. Tarquino Sanchez, who opened the workshops with a message of social cooperativism for the development of the sustainable mobility ecosystem in Ecuador. In addition, the Director of Technological Integration of the Mobility Secretariat of the Municipality of Quito, Mr. Alex Moreno stated the importance of the process of integration and development of electromobility in the city. 


During the three days of workshops, discussions were held around the three topics of the ULLC, which seek the development of public policy in the framework of the integration of the sustainable mobility ecosystem of the city and the country. The axes of discussion were (i) Low Carbon Last-Mile Logistics (LML), (ii) Electrification and optimization of Public Transportation, and (iii) Technological solutions for the Integrated Public Transportation System (SITP) that contribute to multimodality with a focus on Mobility as a Service (MaaS). 

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Latin American e-Mobility Forum 2024 

Date: 18-21 March 2024 

Venue: Bogotá, Colombia 

Main organizers: SOLUTIONSplus & GEF7 Regional Platform 

SOLUTIONSplus contribution: Organisation, content provision and funding 

The SOLUTIONSplus Project and the GEF-7 Regional Platform for Support and Investment in Electric Mobility will jointly hold  the Latin American Electric Mobility Forum 2024, which will take place between March 18th and 21th in Bogotá, Colombia, as part of the Capacity Building activities carried out by the two projects.   


The Forum will begin with a high-level opening session on March 18th, in which decision-makers, transport operators and researchers from across the region will discuss the opportunities and challenges brought about by electric mobility. On Tuesday, March 19th and Wednesday, March 20th, participants will attend parallel sessions focused on: 1) Electrification of public transport, led by the International Union of Public Transport academy - UITP Academy, and 2) Low-carbon urban logistics led by ICLEI and the Wuppertal Institute (WI), which will culminate on Thursday, March 21th  with specific field visits. Likewise, the second meeting between the partner countries of the Global Electric Mobility Program in Latin America and the Caribbean will be held. 

SOLUTIONSplus partners co-organising / participating: UNEP, WI, UEMI, CMM, SIMUS, IDIADA, ICLEI, UITP, ERTICO, CODATU, UN-Habitat, Municipality of Quito. Additionally, the SOL+ start-ups (LEV manufacturers & logistics operators) in pilot and replication cities were invited and funded to participate.  

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E-mobility and gender workshop 

On April, UEMI will organize a workshop with public and private key stakeholders to validate and disseminate the results of the ‘E-Mobility as a Driver for Change - Towards a gender transformative and just transition to electric mobility’ project. The workshop’s goal is to show and discuss the findings from the baseline report and policy assessment about the gaps on gender and E-mobility. 


The contents of the workshop will focus on the identification of barriers for women to be part of the whole value chain of the transport sector (transport users, transport workers and decision-makers), and what measures (norms, policies, knowledge and experiences) can be taken to improve gender equity in this area and close the gender gap. The idea is to show the gender-transport-climate nexus in policy and business decisions and how data collection can help to raise awareness and knowledge on how different transport policies or services will impact men and women differently. 


The plan is to hold the event together with the inception workshop of the GEF7 “Support the shift towards low-carbon electric mobility in Ecuador” project.  

Girl Power

Launch of the GEF7 project in Ecuador 

On April, UEMI will organize the launch event of the GEF7: “Support the shift towards low-carbon electric mobility in Ecuador” project. This event will focus on introducing the project to different stakeholders form the public and private sector, the academia, civil society and international organizations. The event will be co-organized with the National Polytechnic School (EPN) and the Centro de Movilidad Sostenible (CMS), as implementing partners. It will also showcase the National Steering Committee composed by the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transport and Public Works, and Ministry of Energy and Mines which will be the National Electric Mobility Coordination Body. 


Besides the formal launch of the project, the event will also have an inception workshop that will have a gender approach. 

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 15.29.42.png

Launch of the 2nd phase of the pilot in Quito 

By the end of April UEMI and the Environmental Fund from the Municipality of Quito will host a launch event for the 2nd phase of the SOLUTIONSplus project in Quito. The event will show the new locally manufactured e-vehicles prototypes, e-quadricycles made by SIDERTECH and e-minivans manufactured by Grupo Miral. 


The main goal of the event is to show the vehicles and engage the companies that will try them during the pilot. The event will start with a formal act of launching the prototypes with the local authorities, and then successive sessions of socialization of the three prototypes: e-minivan for passengers, e-quadricycle and e-minivan for last mile logistics in the Historic Center of Quito. The second part of the event will have test drive sessions for potential users where they can give feedback and help co-designing according to their needs. 


The idea is to have the event at the Yaku, Water Museum at the Historic Center of Quito, where the cross-docking platform for the pilot will work. The formal event will happen at the Museum and the test drive will take place at the parking lot where the cross-docking platform will be implemented.  


Interoperability workshop and pilot launch

The third week of June a series of works will take place in Montevideo in relation to component 1 of the SOLUTIONSplus project in Uruguay. Among the guests will be the organizations and companies from the Netherlands NKL/EVroaming, Fier Automotive, Chargepoint Europe (EV chargers), while among the local organizations will be UTE (Public Utility Company), the Ministry of Energy and Mining Industries of Uruguay (DNE-MIEM), the local company Effiza-EveMove and representatives of the academy. The call seeks to bring together relevant actors in relation to the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Uruguay. 


Among the planned activities, it is proposed to launch and inaugurate the pilot charging points donated by Chargepoint and installed by Effiza in the metropolitan area of Montevideo, with the participation of those involved in such activities. On the other hand, a workshop will be held with at least all the actors mentioned above, which will be led by NKL/EVroaming, with the focus on "laying the foundations for the development of interoperability in Uruguay." In the workshop, technical and technological aspects, tariff and market aspects, and regulatory and regulatory aspects that affect the development of interoperability will be discussed. The work modality throughout the week will be in a workshop format, preparing in parallel the documentation and reports necessary to close the activity. 

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