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Mobile power - sierra leone

Mobile Power has designed a battery-swap solution for the operation, management & maintenance electric 2- and 3-wheelers, locally assembled in Sierra Leone. Mobile Power is headquartered in the UK and has subsidiaries in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and DRC. 


Mobile Power has been running e-mobility trials in Freetown for the last 2 years. Initially these trials used off-the-shelf batteries to power electric-motorbikes called MOPO EVs and then switched to early prototype MOPOMax Batteries to power the MOPO EVs. The MOPO Batteries are designed to be used on a rental basis that is needed to work with commercial motorbike riders called Okada riders. Battery-swap is the only viable model for Okada riders in weak-grid/off-grid markets as they cannot charge at home reliably and cannot wait hours to re-charge their e-motorbike’s batteries on generators. 

As part of SOLUTIONSplus, 55 additional MOPO EVs and solar charging infrastructure for 6 battery-swap hubs will be deployed in Freetown. 


In collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs these battery swapping stations will be connected to car washes which are run by local Youth. The roofs are large enough to have sufficient solar and means MP does not need to purchase land or buildings to put the solar on. MP will train youth to fix the MOPO EVs and oversee the battery-swaps. The aim is to prove that these car washes will create a sufficient number of solar battery-swap stations (MOPO Hubs) so that the riders can transport passengers to the whole of Freetown and be able to swap a battery in any part of the city.

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