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Ecuadorian start-up that seeks to promote and accelerate the development of the sustainable mobility ecosystem in electric cargo bicycles in Ecuador and Latin America by supporting enterprises, small, medium and large companies and public and private sector institutions in the implementation of strategies that achieve the transfer of technologies towards the transportation of goods and merchandise through bicycle logistics. 


Bixicargo manufactured 10 e-cargo bikes of three models: 4 rear loading, 4 front loading, and 2 long johns for last mile logistic purposes in Quito. The bicycles were tested for two months with 7 logistic operators in 4 operating schemes: 1. Food distributors, 2. Restaurant, 3. Courier companies and 4. Waste pickers associations at the Historic Center of Quito. The pilot showed great results in terms of efficiency, the e-cargo bikes traveled a total of 1,071 km carried 16 tons of cargo, made 229 deliveries, collected recyclables from 134 points, and achieved an estimated reduction in emissions of 491.74 kg CO2e. The significant efficiency gains experienced by most of the participants reveal a high scale-up and replication potential. Currently the e-cargo bikes are still working in the city, the vehicles were granted in permanent custody to the logistic operators who showed the best results during the pilot. 


Bixicargo has innovated in the incorporation of electric motor assistance to the pedal, control displays, and other technical features to their vehicles. They also seek to generate social innovation, which means, to focus the design of the e-cargo bikes to the needs of vulnerable groups or social and circular economy enterprises that seek efficiency and sustainable growth in the delivery of their services or products. In the context of the SOLUTIONSplus project, they have also received support from PEM Motion to improve its designs.

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