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Logyca focuses on generating solutions that seek to add value to companies for their growth and development, strengthen collaboration as a best business practice, and promote logistics efficiency and innovation in specialised training and research programmes. Its starting point is data analysis and management for a better exchange and decision making, optimising processes in value and logistics networks. They generate applicable knowledge in the management of value networks, promote education and training in logistics and value networks through training programmes and the creation of knowledge centres in the region. 


In the context of SOLUTONSplus, three types of electric vehicles (3 e-tricycles, 2 e-motorcycles, and 2 e-vans) were manufactured and tested for three months in last mile logistics operations, reaching almost 15.000 deliveries that included packaged food, e-commerce deliveries and cross-docking operations. The pilots were implemented in collaboration with local logistics operators such as Grupo Nutresa, Ecotriciclos and Lola te Mueve in five cities of Colombia: Bogota, Barranquilla, Baranoa, Sabanalarga and Medellín. 


It promotes the creation of collaborative business and operational models to improve transport logistics while reducing carbon emissions by introducing electric vehicles. In addition, it facilitates the performance analysis and evaluation and supports decision-making with the introduction of a dashboard as a tool for visualizing the pilot results. 

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