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Loca Company Limited

LOCA Mobility Ecosystem is revolutionizing transportation in Laos and Mekong region. Its platform offers an eco-friendly electric vehicle (EV) fleet, supported by a comprehensive EV infrastructure, significantly reducing carbon emissions, and promoting sustainability. 


LOCA Mobility Ecosystem is making significant strides in transforming Laos’s transportation landscape. As a leader in eco-friendly mobility, LOCA and its strategic partners – E-sarn Technical College (ETC) in Thailand and Sustainable Design of Urban Mobility in Middle-Sized Metropolitan Regions in ASEAN (SMMR) are committed to expanding its reach and reducing environmental impacts in the region. Key achievements and future goals include: 


  • Current EV Fleet: 370 electric vehicles (and growing) in Laos. 

  • Expansion Goal: Aiming for 2,500 EVs by 2030. 

  • EV Mileage: Over 1,500,000 km served to more than 50,000 customers via EVs. 

  • EV Driver Mileage: Almost 3,000,000 km driven total. 

  • CO2 Emissions Reduction: More than 350,000 kg of CO2 saved. 

  • Electric 3-Wheelers: Integration of LOCA app with e3W service in Udon Thani under the SOLUTIONSplus project. 

  • Projected Impact by 2030: Estimated reduction of 3,000,000 kg of CO2 annually. 


LOCA Mobility Ecosystem stands out for its self-sufficient approach. They builttheir own payment system, invested in EV infrastructure and financing, and evendeveloped unique electric vehicles. This creates a seamless user experienceand positions LOCA as a leader in sustainable mobility. Their expansion plansaim to reach millions across the Mekong Region by 2030, making a significantimpact on ASEAN’s sustainable transportation landscape.

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