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Wahu Mobility
Togo, Ghana

Wahu Mobility promotes sustainable and inclusive mobility through the Wahu electric bicycle, designed and built in Ghana. The e-bike has been specifically developed to empower gig economy workers and commuters, especially women. 


Wahu offers the e-bikes to riders via affordable, comprehensive subscription plans (work-to-own) and a connected Wahu app, supporting them with delivery demand, bike analytics, real-time active tracking, maintenance, safety essentials (helmet, lock, gloves, etc.), EV and related education and insurance. In addition, Wahu helps e-commerce platforms scale their fleets sustainably by connecting them to gig economy riders for efficient last-mile delivery and reduced CO2 emissions. Wahu has deployed 75 e-bikes so far in Accra’s roads and partnered with several delivery service providers including Bolt Food, Bolt Send, Glovo, and Menufinder. This corresponds to more than 5,000 deliveries avoiding 7t C02, and enabled to double the riders’ potential income compared to previous earning potential. A local production site was established in Ghana. 

In the context of SOLUTIONSplus, Wahu deployed the ‘Women Delivers’ Pilot in Lome (Togo), which builds a fleet of 20 female riders and equips them with skills and experience to participate in the delivery value chain via the e-bikes. This project contributes to gender equality, economic development, and sustainable transportation. 


By manufacturing locally, Wahu creates bicycles tailored for the African market, ensuring better performance, durability, and affordability than imports. Wahu’s user-focused design includes features such as fat tires for diverse road conditions, five levels of pedal assistance, a dual battery system to reduce range anxiety, and a lower standover height for easy mounting and dismounting, especially for women riders. At the local production site, Wahu is establishing a team of African engineers with the capabilities to continually iterate and maintain EVs in Ghana.

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