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Stima is a French-Kenyan company founded in 2020 with the objective of creating the energy infrastructure solution to enable the 15 million moto-taxi riders in Sub-Saharan Africa to switch to electric motorbikes. Stima developed a technology suite and license it to companies in Africa to help them deploy battery swapping infrastructure for electric 2&3 wheelers that are scalable and financially viable. 


After more than 4 years of R&D, together with their strategic partner OneElectric they have developed a motorcycle with a 3.7 kWh battery providing a range of 80km, built a network of 6 battery swapping stations in the city to provide battery swapping service to the riders. Switching from fuel to electric motorcycles, saves riders about 40% on energy cost and 75% on maintenance expenses, increasing their daily net profit by about 40%. 

As part of SOLUTIONSplus, STIMA is targeting to support 20 women in acquiring an electric motorcycle and carry out food/grocery deliveries. Women interested to purchase the Stima Boda will have access to subsidized lease-to-own payment plans provided by a local financing partner. 


As a technology company, Stima focuses on building the integrated technology of battery swapping tailored for African moto-taxis. By separating the battery cost from the motorbike and offer a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service, they enable moto-taxi riders to acquire affordable high-end electric motorcycles without bearing the high up-front cost of batteries. Their technology is based on IoT systems embedded in batteries, that collects data from each battery using a software suite composed of a battery and station monitoring platform, a Rider App and a Swapper App. 

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