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Tembici is one of Latin America’s most relevant and leading micromobility companies, responsible for operating docked bike-sharing systems in more than 14 cities within Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Since its inception, Tembici has achieved more than 70 million bike rides and has avoided more than 26 thousand tons of CO2 emissions. Tembici is implementing the first Shared Bicycle System (SBS) in Bogotá. The Shared Bike System is located in Bogotá’s city-expanded center, allowing easy connection to the city’s Public Transport System. It has 3,300 bicycles, of which 1,500 are pedal-assisted and 1,500 are mechanical. In addition, it has 150 box bicycles or cargo bikes that are used to transport goods by users and 150 handcycles for people with physical disabilities, such as users of wheelchairs. 


With funding from the SOLUTIONSplus project, electric engines were incorporated into mechanical handcycles that are already part of Bogotá’s Shared Bicycle System to improve mobility access for People With Disabilities (PWD). A total of five handcycle were modified to incorporate an electric motor, battery, and other additional adjustments, such as an enhanced braking system, transforming the Tembici mechanical model into an electrically assisted handcycle. Two models of e-handcycles were developed based on tests part of a pilot implemented in collaboration with Despacio. During the tests, the original model was improved according to the feedback from a group of people who are wheelchair users who drove the handcycles in three opportunities. 


Tembici’s main innovation is the effort in offering new alternatives and more sustainable transportation options for People With Disabilities and restricted mobility through the inclusion of e-handcycles into urban bike-sharing systems. 

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