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Neev salone - sierra leone

The New Energy Electrical Vehicles Sierra Leone (NEEV Salone) is Sierra Leone’s first eco- friendly lineup of electric and solar vehicles. NEEV Salone is a start-up e-mobility company that has trained mechanics to assemble its wide range of e-mobility in Freetown. 


Thirty-four tricycles have been assembled in Freetown creating employment opportunity for young people and ten electronic kekehs (e-kekehs) are already plying the streets of Freetown (mostly the urban center) at cheaper cost. Two among these ten riders are women. All the e-vehicles provided by NEEV Salone are equipped with lithium-ion or sodium batteries to support daily running distances from 80 -200 km. 

As part of SOLUTIONSplus, NEEV Salone deploys battery swapping stations in Freetown, and shared data on battery swapping costs, number of swaps, number of users by gender, revenue and electricity usage. In addition, NEEV Salone conducts training of trainers on the installation and maintenance of these charging stations, and develops a mobile app for battery-swapping service access. 


NEEV Salone aims at upscaling e-kekehs services in Sierra Leone by providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation option for urban communities. Electric tricycles offer a cost-effective, efficient, and clean alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, addressing the country’s transportation challenges and promoting sustainable mobility. NEEV Salone e-tricycles are equipped with a rooftop solar PV panel, comfortable seating, safety features, and environmentally friendly electric motors. The aim is to allow customers to able to book rides through a mobile app, call center, or designated pick-up points at affordable prices and with ease. 

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