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Coradir is company created in 1995, dedicated to the development of electronic and computer equipment, the production of electric vehicles, among others. Founded in the city of San Luis, it focuses on the public and corporate sectors. It works especially with the national government and the different provincial governments. The company produces and sells electric vehicles, and counts with different vehicle models to suit various mobility needs. 


Two electric pick-ups trucks of the “Tita” model were manufactured and provided for a pilot of logistics operations for agricultural purposes, in the context of the SOLUTIONSplus project. The vehicle allows a 500kg load and has an autonomy of 100km. In a pilot led by Asociacion Sustentar and the collaboration of the Municipality of Escobar, the electric pick-ups were used for harvesting and transporting food in the municipal Agro-ecological Gardens, with the aim of improving the delivery frequency of agricultural products to the community and with potential for replication and scaling-up in other municipal programs. 


Coradir’s has the capacity for mass production of six models of electric vehicles, as counts with five manufacturing plants, 3500 sqm of production space, 120 job positions. Their vehicles have an autonomy of around 100 and 300 km and a charging time of 6-8 hours. 

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