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CargoBike is a small start-up that manufactures electric cargo bicycles in e-long-john format. 

"CargoBike is a start-up dedicated to the production of e-cargo bikes with a focus on sustainable and efficient transportation, friendly to the environment and easy to use for users. CargoBike’s commitment is the production of these vehicles with business schemes that are affordable for potential users in order to achieve relevant levels of introduction in the market of sustainable vehicles for urban logistics."

Martín Piñeyro, Director



The piloting activities covered nearly 200 km and 40 driving hours, revealing several key findings based on PedidosYa’s data. The tested vehicles, larger and heavier than typical bicycles, require rider training to ensure safety and stability. Proper training should cover vehicle operation and safety protocols, as balance and strength are crucial, potentially linked to the rider’s age. 

One major finding is the inadequate road infrastructure in Montevideo for bikes, particularly for these larger, heavier vehicles. Poor pavement conditions further exacerbate the unsuitability for cargo bikes, as the load is carried inside the bike. 

The business model of PedidosYa, which relies on point-to-point distribution, does not optimize the use of these vehicles. Implementing goods consolidation could enhance operational efficiency and better utilize pedal-assisted electric vehicles. 

In conclusion, for these vehicles to be effective in Montevideo’s urban logistics, three conditions must be met: proper rider training, business models that incorporate goods consolidation, and improved infrastructure that meets safety standards for e-bikes and pedal-assisted electric bicycles. 


CargoBike has manufactured a few units to be sold in the local market, or to partner with other companies to scale their business. 

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