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Electrifying transport in Dar es Salaam

SOLUTIONSplus selects two further electric three-wheeler companies

May 2023

In Dar es Salaam, SOLUTIONSplus promotes the electrification of three-wheelers (“bajajs”) providing feeder services to the bus rapid transit system (BRT). The SOLUTIONSplus team composed of DART, UEMI, UN-Habitat, UN Environment, ITDP Africa, DLR, Wuppertal Institute, FIER Automotive, and PluService, has already provided seed funding to local innovators to develop locally built prototypes and retrofit bajajs (SESCOM, Auto Truck/DIT), conducted a feasibility assessment report and led several capacity-building workshops.

The project now accelerates with the selection of two further companies, Ziotio Un (brand TRī) and EKOglobe, to deploy 37 e-bajajs locally assembled. Both companies benefit from strong partnerships combining local and EU strengths and demonstrated an innovative edge to enable the electrification of bajajs in Dar es Salaam.

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