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SOLUTIONSplus Report

SOLUTIONSplus Dar es Salaam - E-bajajs Feasibility Assessment Report

Collecting data and views from transport providers: a critical step in the SOLUTIONSplus e-bajaj pilot in Dar es Salaam
Collecting data on transport patterns prior to a transition to electric mobility is a fundamental step to ensure feasibility, acceptability and long-term sustainability. It is not only essential to select an electric vehicle and charging strategy and equipment that correspond to usage and parking patterns, to design a transition that is financially and technically feasible but first and foremost to integrate the needs and the views of transport providers in this transition. To that aim, the SOLUTIONSplus team in Dar es Salaam conducted a feasibility assessment to prepare the electrification of three-wheeled vehicles (“bajajs”) currently providing BRT feeder services. 

First, data were collected on six corridors with an existing supply of bajaj services and connectivity with the BRT system. The purpose was to assess their technical, financial, and organisational characteristics as well as trip patterns of existing fossil-fuelled bajajs, to engage with bajaj drivers to identify their requests for the e-mobility transition and to identify routes where electric bajajs could be introduced. In a subsequent step, the regulatory, fiscal and market environment in Tanzania was analysed to identify the conditions for deploying e-bajajs as well as the adequate technology and charging strategy. The Feasibility Assessment report presents the key findings and recommendations for the pilot.

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SOLUTIONSplus Report

Data collection of ICE three-wheelers in Dar es Salaam

The SOLUTIONSplus demonstration action in Dar es Salaam aims to integrate electric three wheelers as feeder services to the Dar es Salaam´s Bus Rapid Transit system. 

To prepare the implementation of those vehicles, the SOL+ team has worked on a a feasibility assessment including four components: 

  • surveys assessing characteristics of current international combustion engine (ICE) bajajs,

  • a user and training needs assessment,

  • a regulatory framework assessment, and

  • an international and local market analysis of electric three-wheelers.

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